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US Embassy (3-9 Feb, 2018)
Good day Jude,

It is my pleasure to provide feedback regarding Roy’s outstanding performance. Roy is a true professional in every sense of the word. He is knowledgeable, has excellent communication skills, and constantly exceeded our expectations. As a driver his driving was impeccable. As a source of information his advice was stellar. We were on time to every event, but Roy provided much more than just a drive, his cultural knowledge of Singapore and other countries enriched our trip and enhanced our knowledge. Finally, after spending a long work week in Roy’s company, I believe he is a highly qualified individual who will continue to surpass the most stringent of expectations. Roy is self-driven, self-confident, proactively helpful, and intelligent and I am certain he will continue to find success in any endeavor be it in your employee and way beyond to bigger things.

Very best regards,
Janina T. Reyes
Asean School Games 2017
Dear Sir,

As the LO for ASG 2017, I had the experience to work with Jackson Tan KL (SZ19K).

I would like to commend Jackson for the excellent service rendered during this period of time.

Prior to the start of the engagement, he ensures that he understands context and the requirements before he starts work. He is patient when there are changes made to the schedule and is quick to react to different situations. Being experienced, he is also able to provide advice to LOs.

He is always timely when picking up the VIPs and is able to make them feel comfortable and at home.

I think he goes beyond his call of duty for a chauffeur

Brunei Delegation Visit (17-19 May, 2017)
Dear Jeanne

I had the privilege to work with your colleague from C&P Pte Ltd i.e. Mr Roy Mavanna from 17-19 May 2017.

2 I wish to highly commend Mr Roy for the excellent services that he provided during the 3 days. He was very professional, full of great initiatives and was always ready to contribute ideas for the betterment of the situation. He was ever willing to sacrifice his personal time for the comfort and convenience of others.

3 Mr Roy is a very pleasant person to work with. Please extend my heartiest appreciation to him.

4 Thank you.

ASP Aizad Abd Hamid

Government Visit (28 Nov - 4 Dec 2016)
Good morning,

My name is CPT Shaun Heng Ming Quan, and I am writing an email of commendation for the drivers' whom have been allocated for my recent attachment. During the recent visit by our Taiwan counterparts, I was appointed by Mindef to assist in hosting the Taiwanese from 28 November - 4 December, and the drivers allocated during the period were namely Mr Pang and Jie Ming.

I would like to offer my most sincere appreciation to these drivers for their utmost professionalism during the period. Through the period of 7 days, they were never once late and always ready whenever we needed the transport. They were dressed in a professional white shirt and black pants, with covered shoes, which displayed good professionalism and image of our drivers to not only our foreign counterparts, but also impressed the locals like myself and the other Army Officers. In addition, the driving was excellent, keeping close to the speed limit and traffic rules of Singapore. What further impressed me was the cleaniness of the vehicles on a daily basis despite the late end time of our programmes daily. I would like to emphasize that this protrayal of professionalism and work ethics have definitely set your company from the others. I would like to give credit for the company in terms of the excellent training you have provided to your drivers.

I would like to additionally complement Mr Pang. During the first night, on 28 November, one of the Taiwanese had a drink too much and vomitted in the vehicle. The next day, the vehicle was as clean as new. The additional effort to ensure a clean vehicle for usage is evident of his hard work and dedication to provide an excellent experience for the passengers. In addition, through the 7 days, I faced difficulty explaining the places of attractions to the Taiwanese as I was not used to conversing in Mandarin. Mr Pang was always ready to lend me and helping hand, and on more than one occasions, led me out of difficulty with his experience and understanding of Singapore in the past, and the Singapore today.

Thank you for taking the time to read this email. I would concur that being a driver today in Singapore today is no easy feat and driving long hours, yet making the effort to ensure the most positive experience for the passengers is definitely one that is worth commending. I do hope the company would be able to show some form of appreciation to these drivers. If you need any clarifications, do give me a call on the number stated below. Thank you and have an excellent week ahead.


HQRSN/NID (25-27 Oct 2016)
Dear Management,
On behalf of my delegation (comprising of Senior Military Officers and Defense Attachés), I would like to express my sincere appreciation to your staff, Mr Pang Mun Choy for his excellent services provided to the delegation. He has been extremely helpful, polite, patient and pro-active in supporting the needs of the delegation in the most professional manner. Please accord him the necessary recognition for his excellent services.

Chai Kuo Min
38th AMAF Meeting (2-9 Oct 2016)
Hi Brian

I wish to compliment one of your excellent employees, Steven Chan. Throughout the AMAF meetings held between (2nd Oct – 9th Oct), Mr Steven showcased professionalism in his work and remained calm and composed even when there are immediate change of plans.

The delegates and liaison officers felt really comfortable seating in his vehicle as he displayed exemplary safe driving skills.

It is a joy for us to work with such a dedicated driver and we look forward to working with him in future.

Best regards,
Jason Yap
38th AMAF Meeting (6 Oct 2016)
Dear Brian and Ziyang,
I would like to compliment Jie Ming and Sam for their great service last week during the ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on Agriculture and Forestry.

Jie Ming was prompt in responding to our requests and never fail to appear on-site within minutes. He had a good sense of direction and was well-informed of shorter routes to the destinations. Despite the last minute arrangement for Thailand’s Minister to take his van, he remained calm and was able to deliver.

Sam was well-versed in Singapore’s attractions and always assisted me in answering questions posed by the delegates about Singapore whenever I was unsure. He was always ready for us and was more than happy to accommodate any last-minute requests that came in.

I would like to thank them for making our ride a joyful and safe one for the past week!

Yours sincerely
OH Su Chin
SPF (26-29 Sep 2016)
Dear Sir/Madam,

The Singapore Police Force had organised a visit for some French delegates from 26th to 29th September 2016.

As part of the official programme, Johnson Ang from your company was engaged to provide the transport needs for the French delegation.

I was the designated Liaison officer for the French delegates.

As the liaison officer, I worked closely with Johnson and would like to state that he displayed a high level of commitment and professionalism. His performance surpassed the expectations and more than satisfied the transport requirements for the French delegation.

It was a real pleasure working with him.

Thank you very much.
Isaac Kumaran Wen Jun Raman-Seow
MCI/IDA (23 Sep 2016)
To whom it may concern,

MCI/IMDA had organised a Singapore-Brunei bilateral media production events – known as GRID and Xpedisi Siswa on 23 September 2016 in Singapore.

As part of these events, Johnson Ang, Andy Seow and Ang Tai Soon from your company (the “three drivers”) were engaged to provide the transport needs of the Brunei delegation led by their Brunei Permanent Secretary (PMO) from 22 September to 24 September 2016; I was the designated Liaison Officer (“LO”) for the Brunei Permanent Secretary.

As LO, I worked closely with the three drivers and found that they had displayed a high level of commitment and professionalism to deliver the project. From what I had experienced, their work performed fully met our expectations and satisfied our transport requirements for the Brunei delegation.

Thank you.
Clarence ONG
FSTD (5-8 Sep 2016)
Hi Simon,

Please convey my appreciation to the two drivers attached to me – Mr Victor Ong and Mr Ang Tai Soon. They have been professional and punctual in carrying out their duties. Special thanks to Mr Victor. He is very polite and courteous to the guest as well.

Please convey my appreciation to Mr Victor Ong and Mr Ang Tai Soon. They are the two drivers who supported my indent from 5-8 Sep 16. Both of them are professional in their bearing and are always punctual throughout. Special mention to Mr Victor who is courteous and patient when responding to last minute changes.

Thank you.

Bernard Soh
CAAS (6-9 Aug 2016)
Dear Jude,

Thank you for your assistance in this booking.

We would like to comment both Andy and Mike for their excellence services, pro-activeness and professionalism in their execution of duties, please do help to convey our thanks and appreciation to them.

It would be good that you can assign them as our drivers for future jobs whenever possible.

Thank you.

Best Regards,

Christina Lim
ASEAN University Games (9-19 July 2016)
I am writing this letter to express my sincere appreciation for the services provided by C&P Rent A Car during the ASEAN University Games 2016, and to commend the two drivers I was attached to, Mr Raymond Gan (Car Vehicle No. SDF385K) and Mr Victor Ong (MPV Vehicle No. SJU328B) for going above and beyond their call of duty. Throughout the course of the event, the whole duration of which I was on duty, the drivers I observed were always professional in their job. They made sure to arrive on time or sometimes early to ensure the dignitaries would never have to wait. They were always ready to respond to clients’ needs and last-minute requests and changes. They always addressed the dignitaries with respect and politeness, and made sure their vehicles were always stocked with snacks, water and umbrellas. In particular, the two drivers who served my guests from Laos, Mr Gan and Mr Ong, were remarkable in their knowledge of food, shopping destinations and nature spots that matched our clients’ needs and requests. For a young and inexperienced Liaison Officer like myself, the advice and suggestions they gave were immensely valuable. They engaged with the clients well, always curious to learn their language, culture and lifestyles, while eager to share our own delicacies, customs and way of life. On several occasions, when our guests required extra errands that I did not manage to fit into the schedule, the drivers offered to help to run those errands, buy certain items, and so on, making my job many times easier. Most of all, they went beyond all expectations in all these ways, without complaint and always with enthusiasm to serve and do their job

I believe I can speak for all the Liaison Officers involved in the ASEAN University Games
when I say none of us could have done the job of hosting and making our guests’ stay in
Singapore as comfortable and pleasant as possible, without the help rendered by the
drivers from C&P Rent A Car.

And for that, we thank your team of drivers very much.

Yours sincerely,

Heng Jia Min
Corporate Order (16-18 Dec 2015)
Hi Angeline

Compliments to the driver for the Bonnie Group. He was friendly, helpful and always on time. Please pass on our feedback to him.

MHA Event (6-11 Dec 2015)
Dear CNP Ops Team,

I would like to thank Mr William Fung for his assistance during the week we engaged him, he was really a great help to me and my colleague. Throughout the week, as my colleague and I were planning where to bring the guests for their lunches and free time, Mr William would join in the discussion and suggest locations near by the places that we would be visiting that day.

2 Prior to picking up the Hong Kong guests, he also alerted us to the change in their flight time. As the guests’ first language was Cantonese, he also helped us by clarifying certain issues and details with the guest in Cantonese.

Yours sincerely,
Ernest TAN
8th ASEAN Para Games (3-9 Dec 2015)
Hi Ms Goh,

I am writing in to compliment the three drivers that I have worked with for APG for their excellence in the service rendered during the games. They are Mr Don Eng, Mr Johnny Lim and Mr Kent Lim. Their dedication and effort in assisting me as the liaison officer for the Cambodian delegates are truly commendable.

Keep up the good work!

A Star Event (14 Sep, 2015)
Dear Angeline,

I would like to put in a good feedback for relief driver Jackson whom help to fetch Dr Brenner’s car trips. He is very polite, friendly, efficient and forthcoming. You have a good driver with Jackson.

Ms Tan Ee Sin
A Star
Wedding Car (20 Dec 2014)
Hi there,

C&P. Had your service on the 20/12/14 for my wedding big day.

Everything was perfectly schedule & ease free. Car was in top condition, splendidly shiny in particular. Driver, Jasoh Goh was very prompt & caring in each & every details like which way to travel, slowing down to make my video-grapher flim the whole sketch of the cars etc. Was indeed a wonderful experience with you guys, C&P. Appreciated much.

You guys had the best well-skilled & trained drivers which definitely I'll be recommending to my friends & relatives who wants a limousine service.

Jack KOH
MHA Event (16-19 Dec 2014)
To whom this may concern at C&P,

I am writing with great pleasure to compliment Mr Sean Toh Chee Siong on his outstanding professionalism and efficiency.

Sean ferried our overseas delegates over four days, from 16 to 19 Dec 2014, demonstrating exceptional flexibility. This certainly made our efforts much easier in coordinating the whole program. Sean also showed himself to be very resilient in working long hours due to the intensive program. Despite this, he has never wavered from extending courtesy to us and the delegates.

Hence, I would be remiss if I didn’t extend a big thank you to Sean for his services! Please extend our appreciation to Sean on our behalf. We certainly look forward to engaging him again for future transport arrangements!

Portia Gloria Loh
Ministry of Home Affairs
Delegate Visit For Conference (03 Dec 2013)
Dear Angeline,

I am writing to commend Mr Lim Cheng Chye on his great service dated 3 December 2013.

Mr Lim chauffeured several important overseas legal delegates to their respective talks and seminars professionally.

As one of the delegates decided to embark on a day tour around Singapore, Mr Lim continued to provide his service for this unexpected extension of hire. He was patient, punctual and was good with his directions.

My guests and I were very pleased with his service and hope that his effort will be recognised.

Yours Sincerely,
Dana Leong
Singapore Academy of Law
Vietnam Delegation (22-27 Sep, 2013)
Hi Angeline

Just to feedback that your drivers had been a great assistance during the visit by the Vietnamese delegation from 22 – 27 Sep.

Our special thanks to Simon, who drove the Head of Delegation. Simon has proven again to be a diligent, responsible and committed driver.

Thank you !

Tan Puay Seng
Vice President Joseph Biden to Singapore (25-27 July, 2013)
Dear Mr. Loi:

I would like to take the opportunity to let you know how much the White House advance team appreciated your support the recent visit of Vice President Joseph Biden to Singapore.

Thank you for sending Jude to help us as the overall transportation and dispatch coordinator. His expertise and experience on our stringent requirements, and how we would like to manage our transport has made it very smooth and easy for us. Jude was always there to help us with our constant changes in requirements from all of the White House agencies. He is always calm under pressure, but highly effective in carrying out our requests. His customer service skill is superb.

Your team of drivers also provided exceptional services. All were very friendly, knowledgeable of the road, courteous and professional. The transportation leads from the Secret Service and White House Communications Agency also mentioned to me of the same. I believe my team leads have thanked individual drivers and also sent out as many “certificate of appreciation” to the drivers. However, due to the busy work schedule, I am sure, we did not have a chance to thank everyone on the team. Please help me to send my best regards to all of those whose supported our visit, and that we appreciate their support and patience.

I would like to specifically mention about the drivers in your company that support the White House Advance team. They are:

Rodrigo Shashi Kumar
Koh Keng Yang
Sean Toh Chee Siong
Sam Chua Peng San
Jimmy Moo Ming Chuyen
Kent Hong Ban Thai

All of them were exceptional in providing their services to my team, and I would like to recognized their hard work and dedication.

I am sure, we will be looking to your company and your team to support us when the President or Vice President comes to Singapore in the future. Again, thank you.
Singapore-Pacific Islands Transport Ministers’ Visit Programme (26-28 February 2013)
Dear Jude and Eddie,

On behalf of my team, I would like to thank C&P for the quality and prompt service rendered to MOT for the Singapore-Pacific Islands Transport Ministers’ Visit Programme held from 26 to 28 February 2013. C&P’s efficient and responsive service certainly helped us to pull off this event successfully.

In particular what we like about C&P’s service is that your drivers are professional, punctual and knowledgeable in navigating Singapore’s roads and various venues. We look forward to working with C&P again for our future events and thank you once again for the excellent service.

Yours sincerely,

Louis LIM
Ministry of Transport
International Association of Gaming Regulators (IAGR) Singapore Conference (21-24 Oct, 2012)
Dear Mr Jude Cunha

We wish to thank your company for the high quality of service rendered to us during the
International Association of Gaming Regulators (IAGR) Singapore Conference 2012.

We were impressed with the professionalism and responsiveness of your drivers and the operation officers who were deployed at the airport

In particular, we would like to commend Mr. Lee Chong Hua and Mr. Lim Cheng Chye. Mr Lee ensured that he was always at the airport earlier than he needed to to facilitate the departnces of our delegates, despite some late notifications of change of plans. Mr. Lim was also quick to offer solutions to deal with some unanticipated changes to our delegates’ arrivals and departures.

It had been a pleasure working with Mr. Lee, Mr. Lim and C & P Rent-A-Car (Pte) Ltd.

Thank you.

Yours Faithfully,
Mr. Lau Peet Meng
Embassy of Switzerland (14-16 May, 2012)
Hi Jude,

The parliamentary delegation from Switzerland as well as I self were satisfied by Mr William Fang’s performance as our driver. He seemed very well prepared and was familiar with almost all places. His flexibility, cooperation and understanding of the needs of the delegates as well as his accuracy were very much appreciated. I like it very much when the driver follow the general train of thought, which was Mr William Fang’s case. I personally felt comfortable with Mr William Fang as our driver. For me, as I’m being in charge of the delegation, it is important to have a driver who inspires confidentiality and competence like Mr William Fang. Last but not least, I’d also like to highlight Mr William Fang’s foreign language skills and high level of English. He was very courteous, helpful, smiling and contributed to the excellent image of Singapore and therefore to the success of the delegation’s visit to Singapore. It is a pleasure to recommend Mr William Fang for an incentive award.

PS. The same is true for Jimmy, who was the driver of Mrs Muriel Zeender Berset, the minister’s wife, who accompanied her husband to Singapore in mid March (16-19 March 2012).

Best regards,
Ministry of Trade & Industry (16-20 April, 2012)
Dear Mr Sundram,
Good day, I hope this note finds you well!
My name is Lee Jian Xuan. My colleagues and I from MTI had the pleasure of engaging your services under C&P Rent-A-Car Pte Ltd between the days of 16 – 20 April for the MTI Africa International Press Tour 2012.
I am writing this note to express my appreciation and gratitude for the excellent service that you provided throughout the entire trip. Your extensive knowledge of Singapore’s roads and your experience in handling VIPs were tremendously helpful and ensured that the programme ran smoothly. My colleagues and I would also like to commend your punctuality, professionalism and courteous attitude.
Thank you for all your help and I wish you all the best in your future endeavours!
Jian Xuan
World Conference on Tobacco or Health 2012 (20-24 Mar, 2012)
Hi Brian,

Hope all is well for you.
The event has been a successful one.
Thanks to you and your team for the smooth transportation of the VVIPs and Receiving Officers.
Our LOs have also learnt much from the drivers.
We look forward to working with you again.

Thank you.
Teo Sok Wei
Spore Academy of Law Job (26 Aug, 2011)
Dear Jude,

I must compliment Mr Sim today. He was very helpful and patient with our loading and unloading of the items. We had quite a lot to carry. The boxes were heavy and some were quite large and it took some time to load them into the bus.

Mr Sim was patiently helping us to load and unload the items. We extended a tip to him so that he can get a drink for himself but he politely refused. We are very happy with his service, and on behalf of the Singapore Academy of Law, I would like to express our gratitude and thanks to him.

Thank you Jude.

Warmest Regards,
Rebecca Sit
FMLB (13 - 16 June, 2011)
Dear C & P,

On behalf of the Singapore Armed Forces, I would like to thank you for the excellent chauffeur service provided for our foreign guest from 13 Jun to 16 Jun 11.

Specifically, I would like to thank and commend the chauffeur during the period - Mr Tay Chun Keng (S7037355F).
As providing foreign dignitaries with positive experience is of utmost importance in managing the defence image of Singapore,
Chauffeur Tay was not only humble, friendly, meticulous and punctual, but has also demonstrated exemplary knowledge over the road networks of Singapore.
Additionally, it was observed that Chauffeur Tay, had put in much effort in ensuring smooth rides by demonstrating excellent control over the vehicle.
These in turn have helped made our foreign guest very pleased with the visit to Singapore.

We thank you very much once again,

Jingal Lee
Shangri-La Dialogue (3 - 5 June, 2011)
Dear Steve

Just would like to inform you that the service of Lukman for today far exceed my expectations, especially on a day like today (IISS).
Luqman was able to accommodate my last minute demands when a member of my staff had accidentally made a mistake in a Diamond guest booking. His resourcefulness and ability to accomplish a near impossible scenario was the tip on the icing!

Thus, I am happy to add that our guest did not complaint on the mistake of my staff.

Please send my congratulatory message to your excellent member of staff - Luqman!

Matthew Bartholomeusz
Corporate Disposal (16-19 Dec 2010)
Dear Felicia,

Thought I wanted to let u know that I was very impressed by the 2 drivers that you have assigned for this job. They were very professional and had shown initiatives when the situation calls for it. My guests were also very happy with them.

Both Andy Lim Chun Chong and Andy Tay Chun Keng are truly an asset to your organization.

Huzariah Hussain

BarClays Capital Event (June, 2010)
Hi Angeline,

You beat me to it...I was just about to contact you to say thank you! So thank you very much for all your planning and support last night.

It all went very smoothly and I think we did the right thing to have the buses as a shuttle service. We will get the invoice processed ASAP.

Lovely to meet you too; and I am sure we will work together again in the future.

Best regards,
Zoe Marshall
Shangri-La Dialogue (4 - 6 June, 2010)
I am LTC Toh, Officer In Attendance, for Russia Vice CDF..

I am writting this email to express my appreciation of my driver, Albert Goh, how have done a great job during the 3 days of the event..

Albert Goh is committed and professional to ensures the VIP has a present and positive experience when he travel from point to point..He had also put in extra effort to explain to the VIP places of interest when he pass by them..

He is also very friendly and helpful to advise to VIP on places to eat and visit..

Good job by Albert Goh..

I would like to formerly express my sincere appreciation to Albert Goh who has done his best to support the event.


12th Asia Pacific German Conference (13 - 16 May, 2010)
I am writing to commend Mr Paul Ho Kum Yue for his excellent service rendered over the period of 13-16 May 2010, during the 12th Asia-Pacific Conference of German Business (APK).

I was the Liaison Officer for the Philippine minister, and Mr Ho was assigned as our driver. On the evening of 14 May 2010, all the ASEAN economic ministers in Singapore for the 12th APK were invited to attend a reception at the German Centre. Towards the end of the reception, due to certain unforeseen circumstances, the organizers had to change the pick-up location at the last instance. Immediately after being informed, Mr Ho speedily rallied and directed all the other drivers to get into a formation that would facilitate the pick-up of the ministers. As a result of his quick thinking and initiative, we were able to smoothly see all the ministers present onto the assigned vehicles.

Conveying my sincere appreciation to Mr Ho for his excellent service.

Thank you

TAN Kim Ping (Ms)
Abu Dhabi Police Visit Event (17-27 Jan, 2009)
I am once again grateful and pleased to inform you that the drivers attached to the recent Abu Dhabi Police visit on the 17 - 27 Jan 09 has performed exceedingly well in terms of conduct, turn out and bearing, attitude and professionalism. Their pro-activeness, alertness and committment to many late evenings had been well commented by the delegation, making them feel very welcome throughout the whole visit. Please assist to send my heartfelt thanks to them, namely Mr Bobby, Mr Toh, Mr Sam, Mr Simon and Mr Sundram, such show of duty and professionalism definately is top class service. Thank you once again.

Cliff Ho
Public Affairs Department
Police HQ, SPF
IE Singapore Event (Nov, 2008)
We would like to express our appreciation to you and your team for assisting us throughout the booking of vehicles in the 2 periods in November. We thank you for being accommodating towards our many changes in the planning stages and for being so responsive to our various queries.

In particular, we would like to extend our thanks to your drivers, especially Sylvester and Bobby. They were very experienced and pro-active, even going the extra mile to help to coordinate and line the entourage of vehicles at event venues and to recee sites before the VIPs got there. Our colleagues were impressed by their good service and knowledge of the roads.

It was certainly a good experience working with C&P and we look forward to future collaborative opportunities.

ANG Ruyi 汪如意
Senior Officer, Events Management Division
International Enterprise Singapore
Singapore GP for F1 (26-28 Sep, 2008)
I’d like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your efficient service and beautiful smiles despite the gruelling working hours and my manic mood swings.

I’ve heard nothing but glowing feedback from everyone I have spoken to and for that, we only have you to thank, for helping to contribute to the success of the 2008 FORMULA 1™ SingTel Singapore Grand Prix and for creating history with us.

Now that we’ve gone through the initial pain, it should be smooth sailing from now on, and I certainly look forward to working with you again.

Best Regards,
Fiona Smith
National Press Officer
Singapore GP Pte Ltd

DMG Partner & Securities (22-23 Sep, 2008)
My company, DMG & Partners Securities, had contracted a chauffeured service from C&P for September 22nd and 23rd, 2008 and Jeremy Chua was assigned to be our chauffeur. Over the last 2 days, my guests and I were competently and professionally chauffeured around by Jeremy. He was always punctual, polite and conscientious, happy to go the extra mile.

At the end of our final day of visits. I inadvertently left my mobile phone in the car after signing off on the attendance sheets and only realized it a half-hour later back in the office. Having no means of contacting Jeremy then, since his contact number was in the missing handphone, I was resigned
to doing without until the next day but Jeremy went out of his way to track me down and return the handphone that same evening. Needless to say, I am impressed with Jeremy's honesty besides his professionalism and will certainly ask for him should I ever have need for your services in the

Thank you and please do thank Jeremy again for me.

Kind Regards,
Joachim Leong
DMG & Partners Securities
AEM Event (25-28 Aug, 2008)
I am writing to commend and congratulate you for excellent service extended by your staff to me and my delegation.

As a Viet Nam Lead of Senior Economic Offcial Meeting, I have had good chances to be in Singapore and all other ASEAN countries for ASEAN Economic meetings. In all circumstances, I have received hospitality services, it gives me good opportunities to compare and realise quite outstanding services you can provide this time for ASEAN Economic Minister Meeting (40th AEM).

What really strikes me is professional serving skills and more importantly is caring attitute that the driver expressed to me and my colleagues. They all give me a good sence of safety and comfort whenever I use your car (No: AEM 193). Mr. Hong Heng Powe has clearly improved to me that how a 63 years old man in Singapore can be so active and helpful.

I believe that your business perspective is really promising with such a good skillful and hard-working staff.

I wish you all the best in the future

Best regards
Bui Huy Son
SEOM Leader of Viet Nam
Deputy Director General
Ministry of Industry and Trade
HSBC Women's Golf Championship (5-10 Feb, 2008)
I am the global head of sponsorship for HSBC and we have just concluded the successful HSBC Women's Champions

I was lucky enough to be assigned the services of Mr Hong - for a week. His dedication, courtesy and efficiency were a credit to your company - and to HSBC to whom I felt he was representing.

If Mr Hong is like all the drivers you employ then you are lucky - but I suspect he is an exemplary example of good chauffeurs and I can't thank him enough for his service. Please ensure you relay this message to him - he deserves it.

Kind Regards,
Giles Morgan
Group Head of Sponsorship
HSBC Holdings
PML for Singapore AirShow (1-2 Feb, 2008)
PML will like to extend our appreciation to C&P in helping with the storage of our vehicles before and after Singapore Airshow Events. So, on at least one occasion, we want to direct our full attention not to our important customers, but to our important business partners. C&P stands very high on our list of those whom we owe a great big thank you.

Thank you!

Warmest Regards,
Peng Huang
Performance Motors Limited
MFA for Asean Summit (17-23 Nov, 2007)
I am writing to tell you that we at the VIP Complex were extremely pleased with the help given by C&P, especially from the 2 coordinators, Mr Bobby and Mr Vincent for the 13th ASEAN Summit.

Both of them understood the difficult task and managed to pull it off. There were insufficient parking lots, vehicles of many sizes up to the big 44 seater coach, tight line-up spaces within the VIP Complex and heavy rain during the Summit. Both of them were able to brief all the drivers including those not from your company, cajole them, move them and clear them in the right order, in good time, for multiple arrivals and departures. I am impressed. Especially, when one of the privately hired driver from one of the High Commissions refused to move and both Bobby and Vincent had to use their good interpersonal skills and leadership to move this person. This they did well such that the High Commission staff apologised for the poor behaviour of their hired driver. They did well.

As for C&P, the cars were as usual, clean, drivers polite and helpful at the VIP Complex.

Rgds and Best Wishes,
Yip Yee Thai
Assistant Director
Protocol Directorate
Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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